Dr. Gwen Maxwell

Dr. Gwen Maxwell

The first woman plastic surgeon in Tucson, Gwen Maxwell MD, FACS is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She brings a caring demeanor to cosmetic surgery, as well as technical skills carefully honed by special training and experience.

Dr. Gwen Maxwell has been changing the bodies and lives of people for 20+ years in the Cosmetic Surgery Industry. Her clients have referred to her as a real ‘diamond – in – the – rough’ talent and her work has been praised as having ‘exquisite finesse’. What sets Dr. Maxwell apart is her disposition. Kind, caring and expertly thorough, Dr. Maxwell looks beyond just the physical attributes presented to her, she looks into the positive and life-changing emotional benefits a person experiences after choosing to undergo treatment.

The transformation that she’s seen in the individuals she has helped has fed her passion. “The artistic expression that comes with the aesthetic behind plastic surgery is really what captivated me,” she explains.

“When I was growing up I used to make my own clothes. I could sew for 10 hours straight without stopping, making sure every seam and every top stitching was done with perfect accuracy.”

This kind of focus and loving attentiveness led way to realizing how she could apply those intricate skills and focus into cosmetic surgery. This careful precision is the backbone of all of Dr. Maxwell’s procedures, it is what allows her to achieve the results – in perfect accuracy – that her patient’s request. “It’s not the speed at which you execute the product, it’s the accuracy in which you complete it,” she says. This philosophy is the framework of her business.

“When you first start out, everything feels like a challenge. Now, the ones with subtlety and nuance have become my new favorites, because they’re the most challenging and rewarding.”

Growing up Bisbee, Arizona, Dr. Maxwell’s family is no stranger to working with their hands. Four generations of her family working in the mining industry – from her brothers to grandfather – taught the small-town girl about the importance of diligent and fulfilling work. Moving from Bisbee, she ended up taking her residency in Michigan, and her fellowship in Virginia. In her residency she was exposed to many different surgical field options; however, cosmetic was always her favorite, and she took special interest in reconstructive surgeries.

What drove Dr. Maxwell when she first started, as she puts it, was the “altruistic ideals of helping women negotiate their lives through breast surgery, specifically, those affected by breast cancer.” Initially, Dr. Maxwell built her business on her mother’s referrals of friends who were requesting facelifts. Soon after she joined several Tucson organizations word of mouth of her excellent work spread, enabling Dr. Maxwell to expand her clientele base. Her work was so attractive and highly regarded that she quickly built one of the busiest cosmetic surgery practice’s in town. Simply put, her reputation now precedes her.

Today her favorite procedures are those that allow her to grow in perfecting her craft. She’s drawn to the more intricate procedures that are less routine and allow her to become laser focused and attentive to the nuances of precision and accuracy.

Tantamount to the excellent results she produces, patients of Dr. Maxwell’s frequently attest to her kindness and thoroughness, and always feel ‘looked after’ and ‘taken care of’ in her office; and her staff of experts provide clients with the same level of warmth as Dr. Maxwell herself.

“A lot of plastic surgery is money motivated, but what many do not realize is that, really, surgery is quite invasive. Cosmetic surgery is changing the way someone looks on the outside. Everything I do, the patient sees, so it’s easy for some physicians to not see themselves as doctors, but I see myself as a doctor first. Patients that are taking a purely elective surgery that changes their outward physical appearance means I have no room for error, I have no room to not primarily be a doctor, and treating patients the way they should be treated is of utmost importance to me.”

A true doctor, artist, professional and expert in her craft, Tucson is blessed to have someone of her caliber and professionalism available so close to home. When you read testimonials written by Dr. Maxwell’s patients themselves, their honest, glowing reviews show the profound influence that she has had on their lives.

  • Graduated first in her class from the New Mexico School of Medicine
  • Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • A fellow of the American College of Surgeons
  • A member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • A member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Opened Maxwell Aesthetics in 1997

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