Arm Reduction

Arm Reduction

The Arm Lift, or Brachioplasty Arm Reduction, corrects the “bat wings” characteristic of the aging arm. In women with tighter, more resilient skin, simple liposuction can accomplish the result. Very small tubes are placed in the elbow and upper arm and the fat is removed along the triceps fold in the bottom part of the arm. Resilient skin shrinks nicely, and the improvement is apparent almost immediately. What’s more, downtime and soreness is minimal. To maximize the result, an upper arm garment is worn for three to five days.

When the skin will not shrink or there is excessive skin in the arm, we must remove the skin through a long incision on the inner arm. The redundant skin is taken out and liposuction used to eliminate excess fat. The skin is then closed in a fine line on the inner arm. Healing time is relatively minimal, although the arm can be sore for one to two weeks.

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