Body Lift and Thigh Lift

Body Lift and Thigh Lift

The Body Lift and Thigh Lift are two other popular forms of body contouring. When redundant skin extends around the back and the buttocks and thighs have fallen, incisions are made over the hip area and into the back. These procedures are more extensive, but when indicated can produce stunning results.

When there is looseness in the inner thigh, we remove a wedge of loose skin from the inner portion of the thigh or groin area. Additional liposuction in the inner thigh produces some smoothness of the area. The scar is normally acceptable. Again, the body lift requires an overnight stay in the hospital. During your consultation, we determine whether you are a good candidate and discuss all the particulars of these procedures.

The main complaint about the lower leg is often the redundant skin around the knee. Unfortunately, there is no good remedy for this problem. The outer thigh lift and body lift do not offer dramatic correction to the sagging skin around the knee, and this cannot be the primary goal of a successful procedure.

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