Breast Lift and Augmentation

Breast Lift and Augmentation

The breasts change over time with several forces acting on the breasts to change their shape. The most changes that a woman’s breast will go through is during pregnancy and breast feeding, where the body hormones act on the tissue to cause enlargement, engorgement and stretching of the skin. After pregnancy or massive weight loss there is also loss of the volume of the breast with the appearance of a deflated breast.

The lift procedure is one where skin is tightened around a newly shaped breast that is shaped with internal sutures or with an implant and then the skin is draped around this new shape. Implants often give the most lasting volume changes to breasts but fat transfers are also used. When the skin is tightened around the new breast mound there are scars that are associated with this skin removal and in most cases these scars fade to a minimal line.

These procedures help a woman achieve a more youthful breast in both shape and size.

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