Removal and Replacement of Implants

Removal and Replacement of Implants

Implants are medical devices and can occasionally fail. Failure can result in deflation if the implant is filled with saline or there is inflammation around the capsule with swelling, or there is pain if the implants are filled with silicone gel. It is a misconception that implants will need to be replaced every 10 years. If implants are not causing problems, they should probably be left alone.

When implants become deflated, encapsulated or firm, distorted or are no longer pleasing to the patient for cosmetic reasons then the recommendation to remove the implant is made. Following removal there are several choices a patient needs to make. The implants can be left out, can be replaced to be made larger or smaller. Sometimes the skin is sagging and a lift or mastopexy is recommended. Since these options vary among patients, a consultation with Dr. Maxwell is needed to outline each individual’s options.

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