Removal of Implants

Removal of Implants

Implants are a very common procedure to increase the size of the breasts. As a patient ages however these implants can have problems and patients will often make the choice to remove the implants. This can be a frightening proposition to patients as they have no idea what will be left after the implants are removed. Removal can be for cosmetic reasons, for health concerns or for problems or complications related to the implants themselves.

At the time of the implant removal there is a pocket that is created when implant and capsule are removed. Surgical goals to remove all the capsule are sought and when the implant and capsules are removed together this is referred to as “en bloc” removal. Sometimes total removal is not indicated or possible. After removal the pocket that is created must be reshaped with internal sutures that will restore a natural shape to the breasts. Fat transfers from another part of the body are often needed to help fill in loss of breast tissue that has been distorted by the forces of the implants.

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