A Facelift primarily corrects aging in the lower two-thirds of the face. Through incisions placed carefully along the hairline and around the ear, the Facelift restores fullness to the cheeks, diminishes jowls across the jaw line, and tightens the neck.

Because facial aging occurs in a horizontal as well as a vertical direction, pulling only upward on the skin results in a very unnatural appearance. The deep portion of the face lift, however, redirects the deep tissue of the face upward, allowing the skin to be pulled outward into a more natural restoration of the skin contours.

Tightening of these deeper structures takes the most amount of time in a face lift procedure. After the deep muscles are suspended and excess fat removed, the skin is carefully tapered and contoured with attention to making the scars as undetectable as possible. Our concept of a good scar is one that your hairdresser has difficulty finding.

Face lift surgery takes about four to five hours and can be performed under local anesthesia with deep sedation or under general anesthesia (complete sleep). We offer both these options. Recovery time for a simple Facelift is approximately ten to fourteen days. After that, residual bruising and swelling in the face and neck can be camouflaged by makeup so routine activities can be resumed. The final amount of swelling normally takes several weeks to months to completely disappear.

When should you get your first Facelift? When you first notice you are disappointed by the aging you see in the mirror or in a photograph of yourself, you should consider getting your first face lift. Cosmetic procedures should be done to feel happier about yourself — not to keep a job or a husband. Most patients get their first face lift in their late forties to early fifties. We see people coming back for second face lifts in their mid fifties to early sixties, and even seventies. A Facelift typically lasts between ten to fifteen years, except when there is more laxity in the face than can be corrected by one procedure. Excessive laxity usually results in early recurrence and another Facelift is required sooner.

While the Facelift is not a perfect solution, there are really no other remedies to eliminate the excess skin that occurs with aging. As we grow older, we become less effective at repairing our collagen and our skin becomes lax. This process is somewhat dictated by our genetic predisposition from which there is no escape. Our goal with a Facelift is to make you look as natural and refreshed as possible.

Facelift surgery is very individualized and is usually combined with multiple procedures.

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