Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty involves reshaping of the nose. This is one procedure where we tend to treat younger people—usually in their twenties and thirties. The rhinoplasty is a true three dimensional procedure, which changes the size and shape of the nose by altering the underlying bone and cartilage. We can reduce the overall size of the nose, increase the upturn, make the tip more feminine or more aesthetically appropriate for the other features on the face. Thick nasal skin presents a problem for the rhinoplasty. If the skin is thick, usually the cartilage is thin—making a fine chiseled nose difficult to achieve. We provide sketches of the anticipated changes to help in the decision process.

The technique we use most often is the open rhinoplasty in which structures are changed through a small incision on the underside of the nose—affording maximum visibility for the most accurate correction. Because some swelling persists for several months following surgery, changes in the nose tend to present more gradually. Healing time is typically five to seven days, with some bruising in the lower portion of the cheek possibly still remaining. But daily activities can be resumed. Discomfort from a rhinoplasty is minimal.

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